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Secure Your Cryptocurrency Accounts with YubiKey


Cryptocurrency is a hot trend in the world of investment nowadays. Described as a transformative technology, cryptocurrency is a digital currency that could revolutionize a series of industries. These virtual tokens exist in a distributed and decentralized ledger known as blockchain technology. It's an online asset that users can use to invest and create purchases online.

However, cyberattacks are becoming more and more prevalent these days, and securing your crypto assets can be tough. Fortunately, hardware security keys can help safeguard your digital investments and web transactions.


How to protect your crypto account?

With a physical security key such as YubiKey, you can intensify your cryptocurrency protection to secure your online accounts and important transactions with ease. YubiKey is one of the most reliable ways to protect logins, trades, and transfers at the exchange level, which helps for cryptocurrency adoption advancements.

How does YubiKey help exchanges and users?

As a trusted security key, YubiKey provides optimum protection for your cryptocurrency assets and their dealings over the web.

YubiKey for exchanges
For strong authentication in account exchange, YubiKey ensures that cryptocurrency is protected at the exchange level and that the account information remains safe on the key. USB security key lets you store cryptocurrency private keys securely on hardware, defend your asset against remote attacks, and prevent remote extraction.

With YubiKey, the authentication to exchange accounts is easy. The users simply need to tap or touch their security key. Also, a mobile authenticator by Yubico allows private data to be securely stored on the YubiKey against the mobile device.

YubiKey for accounts
YubiKey, and its USB C security keys, gives online accounts formidable protection against unauthorized access. Users can opt for
multi-factor authentication (MFA) that includes a biometric security key allowing only legitimate users to access digital accounts and critical systems.

Which YubiKey is right for you?


  • YubiKey 5 NFC - Holding multiprotocol support on a single key, YubiKey 5C NFC delivers superior defense against account takeovers and other forms of cyberattacks. This hardware-based solution features fast and easy authentication, which only needs single touch or tap to an NFC-enabled device. It is highly accessible since no batteries or network connectivity is required for it to work.
  • YubiKey 5C NFC - This Yubico security key makes it impossible for hackers to gain access or steal your valuable files, accounts, and financial information. YubiKey 5C NFC lets you set a two-factor authentication, which is a convenient and proven way to keep your digital world safe.
  • YubiKey 5Ci - YubiKey 5Ci has the entire benefits of a YubiKey with a dual connector that supports both USB-C and Lightning. It enables secure online and mobile app logins across all major operating systems, including iOS.

  • YubiKey 5 Nano - Protect your crypto asset with YubiKey 5 Nano, the world's most protective security key that works with a range of applications and services like no other. It combines hardware-based authentication and public key cryptography to eliminate account takeovers.


Poor security has been a serious threat to cryptocurrency investments. Make sure your digital world security is never compromised. Protecting your online assets with YubiKey hardware security keys delivers superior defense against hackers and account takeovers online.

Want to take your cryptocurrency protection to the next level? YubiKey by Yubico is a proven technology that stops account takeovers at scale. Other Yubico powerful products include Yubico Security Key NFC and YubiKey Bio.

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