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A fresh, new update for SketchUp 2020

After introducing SketchUp 2020 in January and sharpening it in April, we’re pleased to announce an August update as well. These enhancements focus in on a few long-standing user requests. Let’s take a closer look.

Linear inference toggles for the Line tool in SketchUp

SketchUp inferencing comes in all shapes and sizes. One of the most distinct is the linear inferencing that allows you to snap or lock to the red, green, and blue axes. Linear inferencing makes SketchUp work, but it can also get in the way. For instance, if you are working with very small spaces or tracing images, we’ve heard from you that it would be helpful for inferencing to get out of the way.

To address this, the Line tool now features a modifier key [(ALT) on Win and (CMD) on Mac] to toggle linear inferencing on and off, so you can draw edges without being snapped to an inference. You can turn off all inferences, or leave only parallel and perpendicular inferencing on. Of course, you can still jump to a specific inference — red, green, blue, or magenta — using the arrow keys.

Weld Edges in SketchUp

We added ‘Weld Edges’ to SketchUp’s native tools. This means you can join edges and arcs into a single polyline without installing an extension. If you haven’t used a weld extension, we recommend starting to weld edges for any face where you’d like a smooth push/pull extrusion. Select the edges you want to join, right-click and select Weld Edges.

Control line width, colour, and pattern by tag in LayOut

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about how LayOut users stacked viewports to create incredible 2D drawings. The biggest lesson: it would be great if you didn’t have to stack performance-impacting viewports to get drawings to look the way you want.

We’re happy to share that you can now control the line style of SketchUp tags in LayOut. Before this update, rendering a plan view with different line weights meant hiding a bunch of geometry, creating different scenes, and stacking viewports. Now, you can adjust the edge width, colour, dash pattern, and dash scale in one viewport by assigning and styling tags.

Whether you need control of line styles for architectural drawings, production drawings, and details, or general illustration, we’d love to hear your impressions… or better yet, see your work. Share some examples of the drawings you create (or would like to make) in SketchUp and LayOut using the hashtag #LearnLayOut

Smoother operations in larger LayOut documents

Good LayOut documents are an arrangement of viewports, images, vector graphics, and labels. As pages get complex and documents get longer, operating on selections gets slower. To help speed up larger files, we’re excited to share changes to how the move, copy, and scale operations work. Now, LayOut previews these transformations instead of drawing them in real-time as you work with a selection. When you complete a move, copy, or scale operation, LayOut then redraws your action. This is a subtle change, but it brings a new feel and a lot more efficiency to LayOut.

Get access to SketchUp Pro and LayOut here and explore these updates today!

HP MSA WSI Article#7 - Customer Delivery Inspections

Free HP Customer Delivery Inspections ensure businesses use original supplies


At a time when it has become difficult even for vigilant business owners and entrepreneurs to determine whether the printing supplies they ordered from various online suppliers and traditional vendors are originals or fakes, HP endeavors to help its large and medium-sized customers by providing free, on-site examinations.


The HP Anti-counterfeit Customer Delivery Inspections aim to protect HP clients from using fake products that can pose serious threats to their business, produce poor printouts, damage printers beyond repair, stall print jobs, and interrupt office workflows, which can all incur additional costs for the HP client.


If they notice suspicious bids in tenders and suspect counterfeit products are included in the delivery of HP Printing Supplies, HP enterprise clients can request for delivery examinations at their convenience by filling out a customer delivery inspection request form and email it to the HP Anti-Counterfeiting and Fraud (ACF) Programme at


Upon verification of the suspicion, ACF product experts will conduct the inspection of large and medium-sized deliveries within the premises of the HP client. Only unopened and sealed boxes will be inspected.


If counterfeits are found, the inspector will ask for the name of the supplier and a copy of the proof of purchase. The customer will also be asked to refrain from buying from that supplier.


HP also recommends that the customer should neither send back any products to the supplier nor inform the supplier about the inspection before the Customer Delivery Inspection is conducted.


To ensure deliveries of Original HP Supplies every time, customers are advised to buy only from HP or its authorized HP resellers and distributors such as WSI. To order, please visit


HP MSA WSI Article #6 - HP WSI Toner Cartridges Manufacturing Dates

Why Original HP Toner cartridges only have manufacturing dates


Like the durable and reliable printers that it manufactures for household and enterprise consumers, HP ensures that matching printer supplies and consumables, such as Original HP Toners, are produced with the same level of quality, enough to market it without an actual expiration date.


When consumers buy Original HP Toners, what they will see printed or stamped in the product packaging or cartridge box is a manufacturing date that the global printer maker only uses for internal processes such as inventory tracking and to comply with regulatory standards in certain countries.


No expiration

Most toner cartridges do not need to indicate “use before” or “end of warranty” dates because they only contain plastic particles that are very stable in most conditions.


But while Original HP Toner cartridges, the company will not replace products that have been refilled, refurbished, remanufactured or tampered with in any way; or Original HP Toner cartridges that have been damaged or found to be defective because of misuse or improper storage.


Storage tips

Toner cartridges should be kept in their original packaging and stored in a flat position in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.


To get Original HP Toner cartridges that one can depend on to produce bold blacks and vibrant colors, it is best to buy only from authorized online resellers and distributors such as WSI. To order, please visit

HP MSA WSI Article #5 - Worlds First Toner Tank lets your Business Run Nonstop 04292020 APPROVED


World’s first toner tank lets your business run nonstop


Business opportunities are hard to come by, that is why enterprises—whether micro, small or medium-sized—need to be on their feet to seize the moment and make the most of every chance at a sales or profit.


When it comes to printing, these MSMEs have to make sure they not only have a reliable and hard-working printer, but have enough consumables and supplies to meet the sudden demands of the business.


That is why HP has developed and introduced a new line of laser printers that boast of the world’s first toner tank technology, to make printing almost non-stop, for businesses who can’t afford to have printing delays and missed deadlines.


Straight out of the box, the HP Neverstop Laser multifunction printer comes with a pre-loaded toner tank that enables it to produce 5,000 pages of high-quality printouts—sharp text and bold blacks—at 21 ppm before requiring reload.


Users can access these printing features, along with the HP Neverstop Laser printer’s scanning and copying capabilities, from their smartphones, tablets, other mobile devices and the internet, using HP Smart app, Apple AirPrint™, Google Cloud Print™, Mopria™ Certified, and Wi-Fi® Direct Printing.


And once the toner tank is depleted, one can use a mess-free self-reload toner kit that takes only 15 seconds and three easy steps—shake, plunge, print—to conveniently refill and restore the HP Neverstop printer’s toner levels, and print almost uninterrupted and with little downtime.


The HP Neverstop printers—Laser 1200w, Laser 1200a, Laser 1000w, and Laser 1000a —and toners, including the HP 103A Black Original Neverstop Laser Toner Reload Kit, HP 103AD Dual pack Black Original Neverstop Laser Toner Reload Kit, and HP 104A Black Original Laser Imaging Drum (includes ~5000 pages of inbox toner, useful life of ~20000 pages) are available at HP authorized distributor WSI. To order, please visit


HP MSA WSI Article #4 - How Counterfeit Printer Supplies can Damage your Printer 04292020 APPROVED

How counterfeit cartridges can damage your printer


Having a printer—whether a basic monochrome or a colored multi-function—is such a nice investment, especially if one considers how it has, so far, produced quality outputs that address the family’s needs or the demands of the small business.


But now, the proliferation of low-cost remanufactured, refilled, and even unbranded compatible ink cartridges in the online market, has tempted a lot of people into buying these genuine-looking alternatives, threatening to compromise the printer’s performance and changing the consumer experience.


A huge price to pay

Those who think that they can save on costs when they buy a counterfeit ink cartridge should reconsider their decision. The seemingly authentic-looking imitation products can seriously damage a printer and affect its reliability, which could mean huge repair and, at worst cases, replacement costs.


Consumers should also be wary of buying cartridges which are marketed as compatible versions of the original as they may not always fit properly into the slots in the printer.


Refilled cartridges, on the other hand, can have low-quality inks that can clog and damage the unit’s print head. This could lead to low-yield and substandard printouts, which in most instances, needs reprinting, contributing to additional ink and paper costs, especially for those who use the printer for work and livelihood.


For some brands, using ink cartridge replacement products other than those recommended by original equipment manufacturers, can void the printer warranty altogether.


It pays to buy original cartridges

While original ink cartridges can be more costly than counterfeit ones, they are more reliable to deliver quality outputs especially when used in printers they were originally designed to fit into.


Using original cartridges, such as HP Ink and Toner, can also ensure the durability and longer lifespan of printers, as well as their high-quality outputs, especially when printed on recommended paper.


With many online vendors offering replacement ink cartridges, the best way to protect oneself from buying a counterfeit one is to get it from reputable partner such as WSI which has long been an HP Supplies authorized distributor. To order, please visit


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HP Security Features - WSI HP MSA 04222020 APPROVED Article #3

Easy ways to spot fake printer supplies


Nowadays, unsuspecting individuals can easily be tricked into buying counterfeit products online, such as replacement ink and toner cartridges, with its packaging that looks almost as genuine as that of the original merchandise. Thankfully, global manufacturers such as HP have implemented security measures to safeguard consumers against the proliferation of these fake supplies.


HP’s Anti-Counterfeit program has several ways through which consumers can easily detect if the ink and toner cartridges they have purchased are genuine products. These include security label validation, mobile authentication or online validation, and tamper evident label check.


Original HP Ink and Toner cartridges have security labels with holographic features. Tilting the box front to back should show “OK” and “√” moving in opposite directions while tilting the box left to right should show “OK” and “√” moving in the same direction. This assures the buyer the product is authentic.


The ink and toner security labels also come with a QR code which can be scanned using a smartphone to validate the purchased product. One can also look for a security number in the label which ca be keyed in at to validate the product online.


Original HP Inks and Toners also have a tamper evident label with enhanced security features that can help consumers determine if the cartridges have been tampered with: pattern lines do not match, colored label instead of transparent, or label text shows ‘seal is void’. Additionally, the HP logos in the blue strip should always show “HP” and “√” moving in opposite directions when tilting the box front to back and moving in the same direction when tilting the box left to right.


While HP has introduced convenient and reliable security measures to ensure its customers are protected from using counterfeit products, nothing is more assuring that getting Original HP Inks and Toners from equally trusted and reliable sources, like authorized resellers and distributors such as WSI. To order, please visit


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