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HP MSA WSI Article #4 - How Counterfeit Printer Supplies can Damage your Printer 04292020 APPROVED

How counterfeit cartridges can damage your printer


Having a printer—whether a basic monochrome or a colored multi-function—is such a nice investment, especially if one considers how it has, so far, produced quality outputs that address the family’s needs or the demands of the small business.


But now, the proliferation of low-cost remanufactured, refilled, and even unbranded compatible ink cartridges in the online market, has tempted a lot of people into buying these genuine-looking alternatives, threatening to compromise the printer’s performance and changing the consumer experience.


A huge price to pay

Those who think that they can save on costs when they buy a counterfeit ink cartridge should reconsider their decision. The seemingly authentic-looking imitation products can seriously damage a printer and affect its reliability, which could mean huge repair and, at worst cases, replacement costs.


Consumers should also be wary of buying cartridges which are marketed as compatible versions of the original as they may not always fit properly into the slots in the printer.


Refilled cartridges, on the other hand, can have low-quality inks that can clog and damage the unit’s print head. This could lead to low-yield and substandard printouts, which in most instances, needs reprinting, contributing to additional ink and paper costs, especially for those who use the printer for work and livelihood.


For some brands, using ink cartridge replacement products other than those recommended by original equipment manufacturers, can void the printer warranty altogether.


It pays to buy original cartridges

While original ink cartridges can be more costly than counterfeit ones, they are more reliable to deliver quality outputs especially when used in printers they were originally designed to fit into.


Using original cartridges, such as HP Ink and Toner, can also ensure the durability and longer lifespan of printers, as well as their high-quality outputs, especially when printed on recommended paper.


With many online vendors offering replacement ink cartridges, the best way to protect oneself from buying a counterfeit one is to get it from reputable partner such as WSI which has long been an HP Supplies authorized distributor. To order, please visit


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