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HP Security Features - WSI HP MSA 04222020 APPROVED Article #3

Easy ways to spot fake printer supplies


Nowadays, unsuspecting individuals can easily be tricked into buying counterfeit products online, such as replacement ink and toner cartridges, with its packaging that looks almost as genuine as that of the original merchandise. Thankfully, global manufacturers such as HP have implemented security measures to safeguard consumers against the proliferation of these fake supplies.


HP’s Anti-Counterfeit program has several ways through which consumers can easily detect if the ink and toner cartridges they have purchased are genuine products. These include security label validation, mobile authentication or online validation, and tamper evident label check.


Original HP Ink and Toner cartridges have security labels with holographic features. Tilting the box front to back should show “OK” and “√” moving in opposite directions while tilting the box left to right should show “OK” and “√” moving in the same direction. This assures the buyer the product is authentic.


The ink and toner security labels also come with a QR code which can be scanned using a smartphone to validate the purchased product. One can also look for a security number in the label which ca be keyed in at to validate the product online.


Original HP Inks and Toners also have a tamper evident label with enhanced security features that can help consumers determine if the cartridges have been tampered with: pattern lines do not match, colored label instead of transparent, or label text shows ‘seal is void’. Additionally, the HP logos in the blue strip should always show “HP” and “√” moving in opposite directions when tilting the box front to back and moving in the same direction when tilting the box left to right.


While HP has introduced convenient and reliable security measures to ensure its customers are protected from using counterfeit products, nothing is more assuring that getting Original HP Inks and Toners from equally trusted and reliable sources, like authorized resellers and distributors such as WSI. To order, please visit


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