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HP MSA WSI Article #2 - Dates in HP Inks - APPROVED 04232020

Dates in Original HP Inks indicate warranty end, not expiration


Unlike most food items and other commodities, office supplies and consumables such as those for printers do not necessarily have expiration dates indicated on their packaging or labels. That is because the shelf life of most original and branded ink cartridge is ideally 2-3 years, provided that they are properly sealed and stored.


So, what are the dates indicated on Original HP Ink cartridges for? Aside from product numbers and barcodes, the box or cartridge itself is stamped with dates of warranty end.


What is covered

The warranty-end-date, which follows a YYYY/MM format, indicates the end period through which HP guarantees that its Original HP Ink cartridges are free from materials and workmanship defects, provided that they are used only in designated HP or authorized original equipment manufacturer (OEM) printing devices, and have never been refilled, remanufactured, refurbished, misused, or tampered with.


For most HP printers, the coverage typically lasts until the ink is depleted or the cartridge has reached its end-warranty date, whichever comes first.


Within the warranty-end-date period, customers can return Original HP Ink cartridges that are found to be damaged or defective and have them replaced with a similar product.


Use beyond warranty-end-date

Beyond their warranty-end-date, however, consumers should not have problems using Original HP Inks, provided that proper printer usage is observed, so they can enjoy reliable, high-quality print outputs.


But with the proliferation of counterfeit and remanufactured ink cartridges nowadays, its hard to determine which products in the online market are original, especially if they both have warranty-end-date stamped on them.


To get only the Original HP Ink cartridges with valid warranty-end-date, it is best to buy only from authorized resellers and distributors online such as WSI. To order, please visit