Why Do You Need Yubikey As Your Primary Authenticator?

What is Yubikey?
YubiKey is the industry's top security key, allowing users to deploy a formidable two-factor, multi-factor, and passwordless authentication. Its unparalleled, but easy-to-use security, contains multiple functions for protected logins, online browsing, apps, computers, and even physical spaces.

hardware security key, YubiKey requires no software installation or battery life to work. All it takes to enable its power is to plug it simply into a USB port and touch the button. Or tap-and-go using the NFC contactless technology.

Yubikey Vs. Other Authenticators
YubiKey is your one key for several applications, while others are:

  • On-Device Prompt - Phone prompts, or on-device prompts, is a 2-step verification (2SV) method that requires the user to follow provided phone prompts to verify a certain login attempt, increasing security levels.
  • Secondary Email - Setting up a secondary email address can further protect your primary account in case its security is ever compromised. Secondary emails can receive security notifications such as password recovery. It's good to ensure that your recovery address is accessible and safe.
  • SMS Code - Also known as SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) and SMS one-time password (OTP), an SMS code is a verification code sent via text message to verify the user's identity. It is like a secondary verifier for a more secure access gain to a network, account, or application.
  • Phone Number - Phone number authentication is a security method where the sender sends an SMS message to the receiver's phone. The receiver then logs the provided one-time code. This helps users to easily verify their identities remotely and when they are online.


With YubiKey, on the other hand, you can strongly safeguard your online and electronic assets within a simple touch. Since it is a physical security key, there's no need for you to use your smartphones, or re-type your passcodes. Simply plug in the USB security key and then tap the button, and the rest is done for you. Plus, it works with a range of services including, Windows and Mac login, Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook, and other several services.

Which Yubikey is right for you?

  • Yubikey 5 NFC - This Yubico's U2F security key is the most effective approach to reject account takeovers. Aside from efficiency, YubiKey 5 NFC offers an intuitive user experience and quick setup, deployment, and use. This Yubico NFC security key supports FIDO2, U2F, Smart card, OpenPGP, and OTP.
  • Yubikey 5C NFC - YubiKey 5C NFC is a USB C security key that also supports NFC, so you can just tap and go. It is FIDO certified and can work with Google Chrome and any FIDO-compliant application on Mac OS, Windows, or Linux.
  • Yubikey 5Ci - This Yubico security key is the industry's first dual connector, supporting both USB-C and Lightning. YubiKey 5Ci authenticates 4X faster than other methods. It is a unified secure authentication solution for modern devices supporting USB-C and Apple devices.
  • Yubikey 5 Nano - This tiny but tough hardware security key provides superior defense against hackers,phishing, and other cyberattacks. Its authentication methods include passwordless, 2FA, and MFA or multi-factor authentication.
  • Yubikey 5C - Yubikey 5C is a 2FA USB security key that suits USB- C ports. It features an easy and fast authentication solution with a single touch. Also, it is built on high-performance and secure elements, offering optimum security and a great user experience.


Cybercriminals are getting more and more sophisticated each day, making digital security extra significant these days. Make sure to keep protecting your online world with high-quality security solutions like YubiKey to eliminate cyber security threats and attacks such as identity theft, phishing, and fraud.

Yubico is a powerful yet simple solution to digital security needs. It is your all-in-one configurable security key that works with an array of services with convenience, reliability, and affordability. Its other product includes YubiKey Bio for a premium standard biometric security key.

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