YubiKey for Developers

The advent of the Internet has generated a number of new professions that are primarily anchored in developing and making the Web accessible to the public. One prominent profession that this new wave has created is that of a developer. These developers are tasked with conducting research, creating, implementing and supervising various software programs. They also continuously detect areas that need to be modified or enhanced. On the other hand, today’s high-tech and Internet-driven society has also enabled hackers to hone skills that can disrupt, endanger or harm the software developed or being created by these developers.


With this, YubiKey has created YubiKey SDKs and YubiHSM SDKs. Both offer developers all-around data and account protection with a physical security key for their devices, especially since passwords and basic two-factor authentication are becoming susceptible to hackers. These security keys are easier to deploy compared to other traditional secure hardware like smart cards that are complicated to use.


What Does YubiKey Offer for Developers? 

  • Fast Integration of Strong Authentication - YubiKey can assist developers in keeping abreast with the fast-paced nature of their work by providing a free open source software that allows them to connect to reliable two-factor, password-free and multi-factor authentication for their service and software. This allows them to work faster and more efficiently.

  • Open Source - A YubiKey is a security key that can effortlessly work with various devices that have different operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS without the need to install additional software. Developers can also use the open source YubiHSM SKD in order to protect their organization’s confidential data.

  • Developer’s Tool - Developers who use YubiKey Security Key can take advantage of its documentation and testing features to rapidly enable one-touch authentication. The YubiKey also supports FIDO, OpenPGP, and PIV-compatible smart cards and hardware security key.


Yubikey is the security choice of developers


YubiKey SDKs

In order to help developers, YubiKey has developed the YubiKey SDKs for iOS and Android mobile devices, and desktop. This helps developers in the IT industry to attain a faster way of incorporating hardware security into their services and apps that are being built.  This security solution also offers a premium level of security on various devices, services and applications that users commonly use and enjoy.


Another product is the YubiHSM2 SDK, which has a series of tools and interfaces that can manage the YubiHSM 2 and YubiHSM 2 FIPS, wherein the SDK contains the Microsoft’s KSP and PKCS#11 modules.


YubiKey has developed the YubiKey SDKs for iOS and Android mobile devices, and desktop.


Choose Your YubiKey!

YubiKey products are not only designed to meet the critical security needs of developers, but also of all digital natives. Some of these products are:

  • YubiKey Bio Series - Primarily designed for biometric authentication that uses fingerprint recognition, this product safeguards seamless passwordless logins.

  • YubiKey 5 Series - By utilizing multiprotocol capabilities, this YubiKey product prevents account takeovers through strong phishing defense. The YubiKey 5C NFC is an example product of this series that has two-factor, multi-factor and passwordless authentication.

  • YubiKey 5 FIPS Series - This security solution is aptly suited for government agencies and regulated industries.  Crush-resistance, “no batteries required”, and the absence of moving parts are some of the features of this series, with products that include YubiKey 5 Nano FIPS and YubiKey 5Ci FIPS.

YubiKeys are manufactured by Yubico, which has become the go-to for security solutions for individuals like developers who lead the Internet frontier. Today, Yubico remains a key player in the IT industry by offering a product that will help these developers create more meaningful apps and software that will contribute to and positively steer the course of our information- and Internet-driven society. To know more about their products like Yubico U2F Security Key, Yubico Security Key NFC, and YubiKey 5C NFC, check out our Yubico Security Keys here.



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