G-clouds 82 Technologies Inc

Company Profile

G-Clouds '82 Technologies Inc. is an ICT Systems and IT Solutions Integrator that is based in Davao City, Philippines. It provides variety of ICT services that covers consultancy, design, and implementation of ICT infrastructures. The company also offers cloud-based technologies selecting scalable, cost-efficient, innovative, and resilient solutions which further enable the community. Our team also recommends and supplies the essential computer hardware and system software required in certain system environment.


To become the most trusted ICT Integrator and Cloud Solutions Provider in the community. Also, to be recognized as a one-stop solution for your entire IT and software development needs.

Core Values

  • Innovation - We’re focused on the possibilities not the constraints as we innovate together for a more sustainable future. We’re embracing the unknown and thinking big.
  • Quality - We provide high-quality services and products that meet the expectations and requirements of our customers and suppliers.
  • Teamwork - We work with each other, the community and our partners to achieve common objectives and goals.

Our Mission

We are a team on a mission to create an enduring partnership and nurture a lasting culture of winning solutions and rewarding opportunities through technology. We introduce cloud technologies to companies that will enable them to scale and adapt at speed, accelerate innovation, drive business agility, streamline operations, and reduce costs.


 Our Services and Products

  • Information & Network Security Consultancy
  • Information System Software Consultancy and Development IP-based Phone System (VoIP)
  • IP-based Surveillance Camera System
  • Local Area Network & Wide Area Network (Wired and Wireless) design and Integration
  • Design and Development of Data Centers
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Solutions
  • Sales    

o   Network Devices

o   Desktop Computers

o   Laptop Computers

o   Server Computers

o   Computer Parts

o   Firewall Systems

o   Antivirus Software

o   Software Solutions

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Superior Sound Binaural USB Headset

G-clouds 82 Technologies Inc

P 3,050.00


DASCOM TD1225 Ribbon cassette (1PACK)

T1225 Ribbon cassette, 7million characters, Monochrome

G-clouds 82 Technologies Inc

P 1,190.00



450cps Fastest Mode, 24pin, 110 Column,1+7 Copies, USB & Parallelinterface

G-clouds 82 Technologies Inc

P 27,660.00



540cps, 24Pin, 80columns, 1 original + 4 copies, USB and Parallel or USB, Parallel and Serial

G-clouds 82 Technologies Inc

P 23,700.00



600cps (fastest Mode), 24pin, 1+4 Copies, Serial x1, Parallel & USB Interface

G-clouds 82 Technologies Inc

P 67,200.00