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Ncomputing RX300 Thin Client AMP Bundled

Thin Client Terminal with inbuilt WiFi & vSpace SW + AMP Subscription is a cloud-ready thin client designed and optimized specifically for NComputing’s award-winning vSpace Pro desktop virtualizations, NComputing VERDE VDI and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. RX300 features full-screen, full-motion HD multimedia playback with NComputing vCAST Streaming and support for Microsoft RemoteFX, WiFi connectivity, built-in transparent USB redirection with broad peripheral support, and optional access to Linux Raspbian OS managed by the IT admin. The RX300 delivers a rich PC-like experience and provides a simple-to-deploy, centrally managed, high-performance virtual desktop, perfect for use in SMB and education.
brand: Ncomputing
SKU: 500-0171
P 11,500.00
P 9,500.00
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Power in (5.1V micro USB)

HDMI video output

Speaker jack (16bit/44kHz/Stereo high quality audio)

10/100 Mbps Ethernet RJ45 port

4 High-Speed USB 2.0 ports with full USB redirection support (2 required for mouse and keyboard)
Kensington security port

Sleep mode button disables display output for power saving mode