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Customer Service Headset highly recommended for BPO/CC
brand: Poly
SKU: 89434-01
P 4,170.00
  • Description

Premium in all the right places Encorepro series is an all new genration of headset for customer service center and offices, designed for the future, and built on experience. Three innovative models deliver greater comfort for all day wearing, superior noise-canceling for clearer calls, and increased reliability so conversations can continue without worry. And they'll help you meet the OSHA/ Noise at Work regulations.



1. EncorePro headsets require a Plantronics audio processor or direct connect cable to connect to phone, or USB audio processor to connect to computer.      2. Connects to  PC or desk phone with Plantronics audio processors or cables . 3. Ideal for  Telephone-intensive users, including formal customer care centers. 4. Hearing protection SoundGuard technology: acoustic limiting for protection against sounds. 5. Audio performance Wideband audio (up to 6,800 Hz), noise-canceling microphone.       .                                 

Dimension: 90.42 x 174.08 x 17.8 x 14.7 x 5.4cm

Weight: 74 g

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