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Vertiv Liebert PSA1000-SOHO

1000VA/600w UPS with Built-in Boost and Buck AVR, Space for Large Power Plugs, and Fuse Protection
brand: Vertiv
P 13,560.00
P 7,730.00
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Introducing the Liebert® PSA
itON-SOHO. Vertiv’s high efficiency
uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
solution specifically designed for small
office and home office SOHO with its
universal sockets, mobile charger and
compact design, the Liebert® PSA
itON-SOHO line-interactive UPS
protects vital equipment in this
ever growing application. Ideally Suited for:
- Desktop PCs
-Professional workstations
- Small routers, bridges, and hubs
- Point-of-sale terminals
- Small office applications



Model Number  PSA1000-SOHO
Capacity (VA/W)  1000VA/600W
Voltage range  162 – 290VAC, single-phase
Frequency range  50Hz/60Hz automatic identification
Voltage tolerance (Batt. Mode)  Simulated sine wave at nominal voltage ±10%
Frequency range (Batt. Mode)  50Hz/60Hz automatic identification
Transfer time  Typical 2–6 ms, 10ms max.
Battery type & Number  12V/9AH × 1
Typical recharge time  6-8 hours recover to 90% capacity (About 1A charging current at Normal Mode)
Configuration: Battery  1×2.7kg, 9Ah
Configuration: Sockets   6×Universal
Configuration: USB Charger  *0
Runtime: Time (in minutes)  
Load: 25% 18m
Load: 50% 4m
System Features  
Indicators AC Mode:  Solid green led lighting; Battery Mode: Solid yellow led flash; Fault Solid: Red led lighting
Protection  Discharge, Overload and overcharge protection
Alarm 1.) Battery Mode: Sounding every 10 seconds; 2.) Low battery: Sounding every 1 second; 3.) Overload: Sounding every 0.5 second; 4.) Fault: Continuously sounding
Operating temperature  0 ~ 40°C
Humidity range  0 ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Noise level  Less than 40dB (1 meter from surface)
Fuse Protection  YES
USB Charging slot  NO
Dimension D × W × H (mm)   87 × 346 × 208
Gross weight (kg)  6.6 kg
Net weight (kg)  6.0 kg
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