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As the smallest scanner of its class*, the fi-7460 scans A4 landscape documents at 60 ppm/120 ipm (200/300 dpi) and can load up to 100 sheets at a time.


Assistance for safe and reliable scanning

The fi-7460 possesses diverse stable paper feeding mechanisms, with its brake rollers functioning as its fundamental mechanism to separate each scanned document. Minimize risk of document damage with stable paper feeding that Paper Protection function provides through its detection of anomalies in sound and monitoring of paper feed distance. And bid farewell to missing edges with the scanner’s Skew Reducer mechanism. Potential information loss, resulting from multiple sheets being fed through the scanner at once, is also no longer an issue with Ultrasonic Multi-feed detection.

Boosted workflow with various functions

The scanner is capable of scanning a wide variation of documents: A8 to A3 documents and plastic cards as well as thick folded A2 documents, drawings folded in half, multilayered receipts, and envelopes by switching between Manual/Single mode. Load documents with ease and reduce your workload before and after scanning, with the scanner’s independent side guides helping you align edges of variously sized documents. Keep track of scanner operations and scan up to 50 previously registered jobs, using the LCD operation panels. The Stacking Control function, a key stable paper feeding mechanism, also assists in controlling paper output speed and makes sure that documents are ejected neatly. Operation of all these functions is fairly simple and ensures users with efficient workflow assistance.

Advanced software for enhanced efficiency

The PaperStream IP scanner driver, supporting both TWAIN and ISIS, enables you to bypass the inconvenience of making fine adjustments to OCR settings. The software automatically converts scanned images into exceptionally clean images, supporting OCR accuracy even when scanning documents with background patterns or wrinkled and soiled documents. Seamlessly linked to PaperStream IP, PaperStream Capture effectively and efficiently feeds information into your organization workflow with its various batch scanning capture features. With its automatic utilization of data extracted from barcodes and patch codes, the software also determines your preferred saving destinations and eliminates time allocated to routine tasks.

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