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PT-EZ770ZE Projector

High Brightness, Low TCO, and Flexible Installation for Versatile Use.
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High Brightness and Superb Image Quality
1. High Brightness and Excellent Contrast
Despite its sleek and compact dimensions, the PT-EZ770 Series produces a class-leading 6,500 lm to 7,500 lm* of brightness with a contrast ratio of 5,000:1. The iris automatically adjusts to suit ambient lighting conditions.

WUXGA Resolution for Lustrous Full HD Images (PT-EZ770ZE)
With native WUXGA 1,920 x 1,200 pixel widescreen resolution, the
PT-EZ770Z/EZ770ZL is capable of displaying Full HD video from Blu-ray Disc and other sources in beautifully rich, vivid detail.

Inorganic LCD Materials Maintain High Brightness and Image Quality Longer
The optical block of the PT-EZ770 Series projectors maintains a high level of performance over time, due to the use of inorganic materials in the LCD panels and polarizers, thus achieving a replacement cycle of 10,000 hours with high brightness and excellent picture quality.
It also makes them the logical choice for a truly dependable LCD projector system.



LCD, 6500 lumens, WUXGA
5,000:1 contrast ratio


Dimension: 530 x 177*5 * 445

Weight: 10.6kg