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Addasound Crystal 2700

Entry-level Headset with DN1006 3.5mm jack cable. ADDASOUND’S Crystal 2700 are cost-effective and professional headsets designed especially for cost-conscious call centers and offices. They are easy to deploy and comfortable to use. The professional users will enjoy the superior noise cancellation and clear voice transmission with an affordable price.

Nexus Technologies Inc.

Crystal 2700
P 1,800.00

Addasound Crystal 2701

Economical and Professional Headset with DN1006 3.5mm jack cable. The advanced noise canceling technology and ergonomic design guarantee all-day comfort and excellent call quality.

Nexus Technologies Inc.

Crystal 2701
P 2,300.00

Addasound Crystal 2821

Classic Nordic Design, High-end Headset with DN1006 3.5mm jack cable ADDASOUND always keeps pace with the developments of the call center industry in order to provide headsets that meet the special requirements of professional users. With its strong R&D background, ADDASOUND made Crystal 2821 an ergonomic noice cancelling headset especially for call centers and noisy working environments. Start working even more efficiently now!

Nexus Technologies Inc.

Crystal 2821
P 3,300.00

Addasound DN1004 Cable

QD (Quick Disconnect) to RJ9 Direct Connect Cable

Nexus Technologies Inc.

P 800.00

Addasound DN3602 Cable

"Y" style training cable

Nexus Technologies Inc.

P 900.00