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 SketchUp ProSketchUp StudioSketchUp for Education
Robust desktop 3D modeler
Dynamic Components
Import and export IFC files
Export customisable reports for material and cost estimate
Create contruction sequence for VDC
LayOut (2D Design Documentatio)
PreDesign (Quick insights for design research)
Extension Warehouse (access over free and paid 600+ plugins to help with your workflow)
3D Warehouse (access millions of models and textures)
Create walkthrough animations
Sketchhup viewer for Desktop, Mobile, VR, XR
Scan Essentials (Import and precisely model onto the point cloud data using SketchUp's native toolbox)    
V-Ray (Interactive, real-time visualizations as you model)    
V-Ray (Create and export professional photorealistic images)    
V-Ray (Export fully rendered animations and 360° panoramas)
Trimble Connect
Style Builder
  Basic Advanced Advanced
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